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Oliver Roup: CEO and President of VigLink

Oliver Roup is computer scientist and an entrepreneur originally from Toronto, Canada. Roup is the creator and CEO.

Oliver did for Paul Allen for the Founders Fund, for iPlayer and at Vulcan and was an early employee at Internet Radio leader Echo Networks.

After 15 years of application experience as a Ungagged at Microsoft responsible VigLink was created by properties.

A technology government, who knows the power of indigenous monetization Oliver like several others, has granted pending patents covering micro- marketing metadata and positions trades. He's seat and a board member.


Exactly what are you working on at this time?

VigLink, a content monetization solution that gives on-line editors when viewers pick a link within their material learn about company or a product or to purchase.

Where did the notion come from?

The company began after I wrote a crawler to count links online to Amazon and found that less than 50% were documented within the internet application (if your purchase resulted in the click would be paid). It was an index that there was room for progress in the area. Publishers either found them overly time consuming and difficult to use or were unconscious that affiliate programs existed.